Friday 22 August 2014

Second posting-Friday August 22nd 2014

Hi- Tomorrow I am going to the Triratna Order's European Convention for the weekend, and on Sunday at 2.15pm I am doing a workshop along with Sraddhamayi about long-term care. Sraddhamayi has a particular interest in dementia and would like to start a dementia day care service in Eastbourne. The idea would be to have a staff team who are at least sympathetic to Buddhist values, even though the people who attend would be mostly non-Buddhist. To find out more about this field I am volunteering at a small dementia day centre, getting to know the people and the available activities, and starting to ask about funding and organisational issues. I am contributing to this project what I can because it sounds like a feasible idea and would put us on the care sector map without a huge initial outlay I think. Beyond this there are several other ideas which might serve a more Buddhist/broadly spiritually inclined group of people. There is a long-range plan to develop assisted housing in Sheffield, and even some talk of converting a property to a nursing/care home in North Wales. Both of these would need considerably more resources. Though all these and others are possible if we've got new people on board with financial/business/fund-raising skills at the right level. So please contact me with all questions/ideas on or phone/text me (I live in Ipswich UK) and my mobile phone number is 07748-375923. Lots of Metta-Dayasara (Martin Hillary|)

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